Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing

The SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, is a digital marketing tool that is critical to the success of your business! SEO provides greater visibility of your business to future clients on the internet. When potential clients or customers are searching for your offerings, this visibility keeps your business ahead of the competitors on search engines. The first five listings on a search engine get over 75% of the clicks. Here at Next Door Creations, we know the secrets to making sure your website has the user experience that it takes to rise to the top and help your business prosper. 

We Are GMB Enthusiasts

Do you know how to use Google My Business to gain visibility for your company? It is a great tool to provide users with important information about your business. Additionally, it keeps them regularly updated about your services. Staying engaged with users creates the trustworthiness that businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Customers are 70% more likely to visit businesses that have a Google My Business profile. More often than not, potential clients will first start their search for your business online. Sharing new products, offerings, services, and photos of your business on the platform help them to recognize your company as the leading expert in your industry. 

We Can Help You Get More Business Reviews

Having good google reviews gives your business a huge credibility boost! Many customers trust online reviews just as they would personal recommendations.That being said, if your business consistently secures good reviews, one bad review down the road won’t cause significant damage to your businesses’ reputation. On the other hand, if there are only a couple of good reviews and some one complains, the bad review is likely to stick out and jeopardize future business. Many of the top search engine’s algorithms take reviews highly into consideration. Therefore, having consistent good feedback creates more visibility for your business and more traffic to your website. 

Local Business Is Our Specialty!

Are you hoping to gain traction in certain towns? We are experts at marketing small and local businesses to individual areas around them. We understand that many industries that provide home-based services such as home improvement, landscape services, in-home tutoring, mobile pet grooming, and cleaning services have primary cities and towns they work in. Now more than ever, companies are providing services straight to the clients’ doors. We can find the areas where the majority of your clientele is located, and further promote your business there. This strategic attention to certain areas allows us to create a great reputation for your business in the communities where it matters most.

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